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24 เมษายน 2018

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CNN: Russian-linked meddling effort extended to YouTube, Tumblr and even Pokémon Go
Reliance Jio brings 'PokemonGO' to India in partnership with Niantic
Lavrov: Moscow has means to protect it's facilities in Syria in case of "carpet" bombing of Syrian air force airfields
POKEMON NO: Dutch authorities take PokemonGo makers to court as players continue gathering at protected beaches
Study confirms Pokémon Go safety concerns
Teen arrested after girl 'raped in toilets' at Pokemon Go-themed
Video of how Ruslan Sokolovsky caught Pokemon in a church to test law on offending believers. Now in prison.
Pokemon catcher in Ekaterinburg was detained for 2 days by police
#PokemonGO players in Taiwan cause a stampede to catch a Snorlax.
Stavropol, Russia: "Cossacks" hunting people playing Pokemon GO. Saying it's "CIA surveillance"
Florida, Palm Beach police: don't Pokemon and drive
U.S. man seriously wounded during robbery while playing Pokemon Go in Ecuador
Japan: Parade by Pokemon fans in Pikachu costumes in Yokohama
Iran bans Pokemon Go over unspecified "security concerns"
Catching Pokemon among the ruins in Syria's rebel-held Douma
More than a million people in Moscow are playing Pokémon Go, and it's not even supposed to be available here yet
Roskomnadzor will check Pokemon Go to the Russian laws
Man robbed of phone, shot three times while playing 'Pokemon GO' in Ohio
The map of Kyiv pokémons appeared in the network
Pokémon Go player shoots gunman during attempted robbery in California
'Pokemon Go' to be updated with trading capability
Игроки в Pokemon Go арендовали туристический поезд, чтобы искать покемонов во Франции
Игроки в Pokemon Go арендовали туристический поезд, чтобы искать покемонов во Франции
Moscow authorities have drafted a response to Pokemon Go with Ivan Groznij and Tsoi
New Moscow app is like Pokemon Go except you catch Ivan the Terrible, Pushkin, Gagarin
Girl chasing PokemonGo creatures hit by car and seriously injured in Serbia's capital: report
Two Canadian teens so distracted by Pokemon Go game they inadvertently leave country
A gamer uses Pokemon Go application on mobile to catch a Pokemon amidst rubble in Douma, Syria
[email protected] editor told @govoritmoskvaFM journalists have cleared the building of CIA pokemon
[email protected]_russia's channel @zvezdanews claims they are on CIA radar because a Pokemon Go gym appeared at their office
Pokemon no-go for Indonesian civil servants
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